Toddler Classroom

Ages 18- 30 months

Teacher/Child 1:5

Toddlers are curious and always on the go!

Our Centre offers two Toddler classrooms that can accommodate a maximum of 15 children per classroom. Our daily routines will encourage the toddlers to feel at home, explore what is around them, play and learn. As educators we will achieve this goal by allowing the children to experiment, attempt and learn in a collaborative environment. Toddlers will participate in the various areas such as; art, dramatic play, sensory, gross and fine motor and early literacy.

Preschool Classroom

Ages 30 months – 5 Years

Teacher/Child 1:8

Preschoolers want to discover and explore!

Our Centre offers two Preschool classrooms that can accommodate a maximum of 16 children per classroom. The Preschool classroom will help mentor and teach the children the daily essentials of life. Preschoolers will learn how to become more independent and to be able to build their social-emotional skills. The program includes; circle time, early literacy, math, phonics, creative/dramatic play, motor skills, outdoor play and science/nature experiences.

 Early Literacy/Math

Creative/Dramatic Arts 

Cognitive and Fine Motor

Outdoor Experiences

Circle Time

 Science and Nature

Field Trips